Kayak Rudder KitsThe Harmony Wilderness Systems BTS Rudder Kit, as other kayak rudders, will help you gain control and efficiency in windy conditions or fast currents, and will help you straighten your kayak in case it starts to zig-zag.

The advantage of this kayak rudder is that this one is the factory rudder for the Wilderness Systems Tarpon series, Pamlico Series and Ride with the cable tubing already installed, so the installation of the rudder can be very easy and fast. This kit includes everything you need for whatever the year your kayak is.

As you may already know, kayak rudders will make your ride more enjoyable and can help you make your tracking and turns very easy, without having to lean too much. According to some users’ reviews, installing a kayak rudder kit is what they recommend.

As said before, this kayak rudder is very easy to install. The instructions that come with it are very poor, they don’t have any diagrams, but even without them, you won’t have any problems with the installation. Not all the parts that come with the rudder kit are used; they come with many parts that are used for all the other models.

In compare with other kayak rudder kits, this one is kind of expensive, but some users say that it is really worth buying it and they will buy it again if they need to. It is a great product with high quality components. It really makes a huge difference on how your kayak Tarpon 140 or a Pamlico 160T handles when installing this rudder kit on it.

According to some reviews, if you are having complications when you sit in the solo seating area when you go alone in a Pamlico 135T Kayak and use a rudder, it is highly recommended to install a Harmony BTS Rudder Kit Module for Pamlico Tandem Kayak. This will make your solo kayaking easier from the solo position and you will be more satisfied.

All rudders need their maintenance, so if you’re planning to use a kayak rudder on sandy water, you will have to clean it once in a while, depending on the use, I recommend cleaning it at least 2 times a month, or even once a week. The sand gets in the mechanism and prevents it from moving freely. After it is clean it works again perfectly as new.

This kayak rudder kit can be ordered from Amazon.com. This is one of the safest market place to buy products from and the shipping for this product is free. If you want to buy this kayak rudder just click here: Harmony BTS Kayak Rudder Kit.


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Kayak Rudder Kits

The Necky Kayak Manitou II Rudder Kit  is the perfect rudder for a Necky two person Manitou II kayak, it is specially design for this model.

If you want to travel with another person, this will add extra weight on your kayak, but this kayak rudder will help you remedy the extra effort needed when paddling.

There are reviews of this kayak rudder that say it is complicated to install. It is a 2 man job to install the rudder pedal lines and it takes approximately from 3 to 4 hours to finish the job.

This kayak rudder will help you get more control, steer easier and track better your tandem kayak. It will help you change directions and straighten your kayak on open water, especially in tough conditions. It can give you more stability too.

This rudder kit comes with its foot pedals with cables and mounting/adjustment rails, mounting plates and hardware, assembly/mounting instructions and an aluminum alloy rudder, which makes the rudder very light and resistant.

If you want to buy this kayak rudder kit you can order it from Amazon.com (free shipping) by clicking on the next link: Necky Kayak Manitou II Rudder Kit. 


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Kayak Rudder KitsFirst of all I would like to describe what a kayak rudder is. A kayak rudder is a steering device or mechanism located at the rear of a kayak. This steering device is kept pulled up on the kayak until it is ready to use and then deployed down into the water when needed. The rudder is raised and lowered using control cables that run to the cockpit.

It can have many forms, most of them as wings or blades, and are made of different materials such as plastic, wood, metal or nylon. The pedals that come with the kayak rudder kit are used to move the rudder for the steering function and make the kayak turn one way or the other (left or right).

Click on this link to see an example: Kayak Rudder Kit Video

The main reason to use a rudder is to help the kayak to move straight, this is known as “Tracking”. Tracking refers to the ability of a kayak to move in a straight direction.

In my opinion, the mayor advantage of using a kayak rudder kit is that it is easier to control your kayak, especially on hard wind conditions and strong currents. It will help you put the kayak back in control when strong winds are striking your kayak, making this a better and a safer experience in your adventure.

Many people think that the main function of using a rudder kit is to help increase the control when turning a kayak; in deed, this is one of the great advantages of using a rudder, but not the primary one.Kayak Rudder Kits

Every time you use your kayak with your rudder, you gain more ability on how to use it and when to use it. Some people even use it when trying to get over the waves to get into the ocean from the sea shore, this will help you get in control of your kayak avoiding it to flip.

A kayak rudder is one of the coolest things to have on your kayak, the more equipped your kayak is, the more you will enjoy your journeys and more effective your navigation will be.

An important thing that you have to consider when transporting your kayak is to securely place your kayak rudder folded on top of your kayak. The kayak rudder kit should come with a strap that helps to secure it, if not, just find what you can use to keep it folded on top of the kayak, to avoid dropping it and damage your vehicle’s roof top.

If the lowering and raising of the rudder gets a little sticky, you just have to open it, wipe out the sand and dust inside, and put some lubricant in it.

Some kayaks come equipped with their own rudder, but some of them don’t and you will have to buy it for separately and install it. There are several kinds of kayak rudder kits which fit to all different make/models of kayaks that exist in the market. You just have to choose the correct one for your model.

Some people even make their own, just check how they work, have a little of imagination and the correct tools, and you can have your own home made kayak rudder kit.



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Kayak Rudder Kits

Kayak Rudder KitsThe Ocean Kayak Zest/Drifter/Prowler 15 Kayak Rudder Kit is the best rudder to fit on a Zest, Drifter and Prowler 15 kayaks. It is designed specially for these Ocean Kayak kayak models.

This Ocean Kayak rudder fits Ocean Kayak Drifters produced after 2008, these kayaks have a flat stern with a four hole mounting pattern. If you have the Ocean Kayak Drifter and you have trouble steering it in high winds this easy to install rudder will help change that.

The installation of this kayak rudder is very simple and easy according to users’ comments. The instructions are very clear to follow; you just have to follow them step by step and you’re all set.

I really recommend using a kayak rudder on your Ocean Kayak kayak; it really helps you get your kayak straightened out when it starts to zig-zag because of windy conditions. A kayak rudder system makes steering and tracking easy.

With this control over your kayak you can enjoy a peaceful paddle. So if you are an adventurer and love getting into hard weather conditions, try adding a kayak rudder to your Ocean Kayak kayak. It helps offset the effect of wind and currents on your boat, making it easier for you to move in a straight line, increasing your performance and your turning ability.

People say that this is a great tool and that they have gain control and efficiency with the Ocean Kayak rudder kit in wind or fast current, giving this product a five star review.

According to some comments of some users, this kayak rudder lets your kayak perform perfectly in 25 knots in a very windy condition without any problems.

Some other people have complained that it is a little hard to pull up the rudder, but the solution for this is to reverse the rope install and set the clamp and eye to the right of the kayak, and this will make the pull up and down of the kayak rudder much easier.

This Ocean Kayak rudder is made of aluminum, making it very resistant. The kit includes the rudder, foot pedals, cables and other necessary hardware. Complete assembly instructions are included, and it is 100% guaranteed.

The tools that you need to install this Kayak rudder are: a drill with 3/8″ & 13/64″ bits, rivet gun, 4″ hole saw, lighter, crimper or pliers, wire cutter, hot glue gun, #2 Phillips screwdriver, 7/16″ & 3/8″ wrench, knife or scissors, tape, silicone, safety goggles and a 3-4 foot long strip of wire.

If you want to buy this Ocean Kayak rudder you can get it from Amazon.com without shipping cost, you just have to click this link:  Ocean Kayak Ruder Zest/Drifter/Prowler 15 Kayak Rudder Kit.


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Kayak Rudder Kits

The Prijon Balanced Wing Rudder (For Prijon Kayaks) gives the user some very significant performance advantages in compare with other sea kayak rudders. The most significant advantage is that with this balanced rudder, the breaking effect is eliminated during turns. Only a light pressure on the foot pedals is required. This is a common effect in other sea kayak rudders.

The Prijon Balanced Wing Rudder is a rudder blade made out of glass- filled nylon. It has a shape of a foil, so the combination of the wing- like shape and the glass- filled nylon gives the blade a rigid and efficient formation that helps the kayak rudder to produce less drag than the other common kayak rudders produce.

This rudder blade lines up directly beneath the pivot point of the steering mechanism which leaves an off area on each side of the pivot point that helps to equalize steering forces.

This balanced rudder is for Prijon rudder-ready kayaks. As you may already know, this Prijon rudder brings kayak rudders into the modern world.

Recent Prijon kayaks come with a rudder- ready V Block. This V Block has been a standard on all Prijon kayaks since 2008, and was included with the Balanced Wing Rudder prior to this. You need to obtain a V Block separately if your old Prijon kayak doesn’t come with that product.

The V Block can be very useful for 2 reasons, one, to center and hold the kayak rudder on the deck while paddling in shallow water, and two, for transporting the kayak on a roof rack.

Another very helpful advantage that this kayak rudder has is that it helps to keep the rudder in the water, even through large and steep waves, because of its central position and its length, this way you always have control of the kayak.

One more advantage that this kayak rudder has is that its bigger deployment wheel makes the raising and lowering of the rudder easier than other kayak rudders.

All of the hardware is made with the highest quality stainless steel; this includes cables, connectors and fittings. You can use custom reusable clamps to adjust the cables without crimping.

People talk about the great design this kayak rudder has and it’s long durability. Some of them have a kayak which doesn’t need a rudder, but they have installed a Prijon Balanced Wing Rudder and use it to balance weather helm on long crossings.

All in all, 3 of the mayor banefits of using the new Balanced Wing Rudder are that it reduces drag, increases turning power over other designs, and has a long durability.

This kayak rudder can be ordered from Amazon, one of the safest market place to buy products from. If you want to purchase this product just click here: Prijon Balanced Wing Rudder.


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