Kayak Rudder KitsThe Harmony Wilderness Systems BTS Rudder Kit, as other kayak rudders, will help you gain control and efficiency in windy conditions or fast currents, and will help you straighten your kayak in case it starts to zig-zag.

The advantage of this kayak rudder is that this one is the factory rudder for the Wilderness Systems Tarpon series, Pamlico Series and Ride with the cable tubing already installed, so the installation of the rudder can be very easy and fast. This kit includes everything you need for whatever the year your kayak is.

As you may already know, kayak rudders will make your ride more enjoyable and can help you make your tracking and turns very easy, without having to lean too much. According to some users’ reviews, installing a kayak rudder kit is what they recommend.

As said before, this kayak rudder is very easy to install. The instructions that come with it are very poor, they don’t have any diagrams, but even without them, you won’t have any problems with the installation. Not all the parts that come with the rudder kit are used; they come with many parts that are used for all the other models.

In compare with other kayak rudder kits, this one is kind of expensive, but some users say that it is really worth buying it and they will buy it again if they need to. It is a great product with high quality components. It really makes a huge difference on how your kayak Tarpon 140 or a Pamlico 160T handles when installing this rudder kit on it.

According to some reviews, if you are having complications when you sit in the solo seating area when you go alone in a Pamlico 135T Kayak and use a rudder, it is highly recommended to install a Harmony BTS Rudder Kit Module for Pamlico Tandem Kayak. This will make your solo kayaking easier from the solo position and you will be more satisfied.

All rudders need their maintenance, so if you’re planning to use a kayak rudder on sandy water, you will have to clean it once in a while, depending on the use, I recommend cleaning it at least 2 times a month, or even once a week. The sand gets in the mechanism and prevents it from moving freely. After it is clean it works again perfectly as new.

This kayak rudder kit can be ordered from Amazon.com. This is one of the safest market place to buy products from and the shipping for this product is free. If you want to buy this kayak rudder just click here: Harmony BTS Kayak Rudder Kit.


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Kayak Rudder Kits

The Necky Kayak Manitou II Rudder Kit  is the perfect rudder for a Necky two person Manitou II kayak, it is specially design for this model.

If you want to travel with another person, this will add extra weight on your kayak, but this kayak rudder will help you remedy the extra effort needed when paddling.

There are reviews of this kayak rudder that say it is complicated to install. It is a 2 man job to install the rudder pedal lines and it takes approximately from 3 to 4 hours to finish the job.

This kayak rudder will help you get more control, steer easier and track better your tandem kayak. It will help you change directions and straighten your kayak on open water, especially in tough conditions. It can give you more stability too.

This rudder kit comes with its foot pedals with cables and mounting/adjustment rails, mounting plates and hardware, assembly/mounting instructions and an aluminum alloy rudder, which makes the rudder very light and resistant.

If you want to buy this kayak rudder kit you can order it from Amazon.com (free shipping) by clicking on the next link: Necky Kayak Manitou II Rudder Kit. 


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