Kayak Rudder Kits

The Necky Kayak Manitou II Rudder Kit  is the perfect rudder for a Necky two person Manitou II kayak, it is specially design for this model.

If you want to travel with another person, this will add extra weight on your kayak, but this kayak rudder will help you remedy the extra effort needed when paddling.

There are reviews of this kayak rudder that say it is complicated to install. It is a 2 man job to install the rudder pedal lines and it takes approximately from 3 to 4 hours to finish the job.

This kayak rudder will help you get more control, steer easier and track better your tandem kayak. It will help you change directions and straighten your kayak on open water, especially in tough conditions. It can give you more stability too.

This rudder kit comes with its foot pedals with cables and mounting/adjustment rails, mounting plates and hardware, assembly/mounting instructions and an aluminum alloy rudder, which makes the rudder very light and resistant.

If you want to buy this kayak rudder kit you can order it from Amazon.com (free shipping) by clicking on the next link: Necky Kayak Manitou II Rudder Kit. 


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