Kayak Rudder KitsThe Ocean Kayak Zest/Drifter/Prowler 15 Kayak Rudder Kit is the best rudder to fit on a Zest, Drifter and Prowler 15 kayaks. It is designed specially for these Ocean Kayak kayak models.

This Ocean Kayak rudder fits Ocean Kayak Drifters produced after 2008, these kayaks have a flat stern with a four hole mounting pattern. If you have the Ocean Kayak Drifter and you have trouble steering it in high winds this easy to install rudder will help change that.

The installation of this kayak rudder is very simple and easy according to users’ comments. The instructions are very clear to follow; you just have to follow them step by step and you’re all set.

I really recommend using a kayak rudder on your Ocean Kayak kayak; it really helps you get your kayak straightened out when it starts to zig-zag because of windy conditions. A kayak rudder system makes steering and tracking easy.

With this control over your kayak you can enjoy a peaceful paddle. So if you are an adventurer and love getting into hard weather conditions, try adding a kayak rudder to your Ocean Kayak kayak. It helps offset the effect of wind and currents on your boat, making it easier for you to move in a straight line, increasing your performance and your turning ability.

People say that this is a great tool and that they have gain control and efficiency with the Ocean Kayak rudder kit in wind or fast current, giving this product a five star review.

According to some comments of some users, this kayak rudder lets your kayak perform perfectly in 25 knots in a very windy condition without any problems.

Some other people have complained that it is a little hard to pull up the rudder, but the solution for this is to reverse the rope install and set the clamp and eye to the right of the kayak, and this will make the pull up and down of the kayak rudder much easier.

This Ocean Kayak rudder is made of aluminum, making it very resistant. The kit includes the rudder, foot pedals, cables and other necessary hardware. Complete assembly instructions are included, and it is 100% guaranteed.

The tools that you need to install this Kayak rudder are: a drill with 3/8″ & 13/64″ bits, rivet gun, 4″ hole saw, lighter, crimper or pliers, wire cutter, hot glue gun, #2 Phillips screwdriver, 7/16″ & 3/8″ wrench, knife or scissors, tape, silicone, safety goggles and a 3-4 foot long strip of wire.

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