Kayak Rudder KitsFirst of all I would like to describe what a kayak rudder is. A kayak rudder is a steering device or mechanism located at the rear of a kayak. This steering device is kept pulled up on the kayak until it is ready to use and then deployed down into the water when needed. The rudder is raised and lowered using control cables that run to the cockpit.

It can have many forms, most of them as wings or blades, and are made of different materials such as plastic, wood, metal or nylon. The pedals that come with the kayak rudder kit are used to move the rudder for the steering function and make the kayak turn one way or the other (left or right).

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The main reason to use a rudder is to help the kayak to move straight, this is known as “Tracking”. Tracking refers to the ability of a kayak to move in a straight direction.

In my opinion, the mayor advantage of using a kayak rudder kit is that it is easier to control your kayak, especially on hard wind conditions and strong currents. It will help you put the kayak back in control when strong winds are striking your kayak, making this a better and a safer experience in your adventure.

Many people think that the main function of using a rudder kit is to help increase the control when turning a kayak; in deed, this is one of the great advantages of using a rudder, but not the primary one.Kayak Rudder Kits

Every time you use your kayak with your rudder, you gain more ability on how to use it and when to use it. Some people even use it when trying to get over the waves to get into the ocean from the sea shore, this will help you get in control of your kayak avoiding it to flip.

A kayak rudder is one of the coolest things to have on your kayak, the more equipped your kayak is, the more you will enjoy your journeys and more effective your navigation will be.

An important thing that you have to consider when transporting your kayak is to securely place your kayak rudder folded on top of your kayak. The kayak rudder kit should come with a strap that helps to secure it, if not, just find what you can use to keep it folded on top of the kayak, to avoid dropping it and damage your vehicle’s roof top.

If the lowering and raising of the rudder gets a little sticky, you just have to open it, wipe out the sand and dust inside, and put some lubricant in it.

Some kayaks come equipped with their own rudder, but some of them don’t and you will have to buy it for separately and install it. There are several kinds of kayak rudder kits which fit to all different make/models of kayaks that exist in the market. You just have to choose the correct one for your model.

Some people even make their own, just check how they work, have a little of imagination and the correct tools, and you can have your own home made kayak rudder kit.



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