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The Prijon Balanced Wing Rudder (For Prijon Kayaks) gives the user some very significant performance advantages in compare with other sea kayak rudders. The most significant advantage is that with this balanced rudder, the breaking effect is eliminated during turns. Only a light pressure on the foot pedals is required. This is a common effect in other sea kayak rudders.

The Prijon Balanced Wing Rudder is a rudder blade made out of glass- filled nylon. It has a shape of a foil, so the combination of the wing- like shape and the glass- filled nylon gives the blade a rigid and efficient formation that helps the kayak rudder to produce less drag than the other common kayak rudders produce.

This rudder blade lines up directly beneath the pivot point of the steering mechanism which leaves an off area on each side of the pivot point that helps to equalize steering forces.

This balanced rudder is for Prijon rudder-ready kayaks. As you may already know, this Prijon rudder brings kayak rudders into the modern world.

Recent Prijon kayaks come with a rudder- ready V Block. This V Block has been a standard on all Prijon kayaks since 2008, and was included with the Balanced Wing Rudder prior to this. You need to obtain a V Block separately if your old Prijon kayak doesn’t come with that product.

The V Block can be very useful for 2 reasons, one, to center and hold the kayak rudder on the deck while paddling in shallow water, and two, for transporting the kayak on a roof rack.

Another very helpful advantage that this kayak rudder has is that it helps to keep the rudder in the water, even through large and steep waves, because of its central position and its length, this way you always have control of the kayak.

One more advantage that this kayak rudder has is that its bigger deployment wheel makes the raising and lowering of the rudder easier than other kayak rudders.

All of the hardware is made with the highest quality stainless steel; this includes cables, connectors and fittings. You can use custom reusable clamps to adjust the cables without crimping.

People talk about the great design this kayak rudder has and it’s long durability. Some of them have a kayak which doesn’t need a rudder, but they have installed a Prijon Balanced Wing Rudder and use it to balance weather helm on long crossings.

All in all, 3 of the mayor banefits of using the new Balanced Wing Rudder are that it reduces drag, increases turning power over other designs, and has a long durability.

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